Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cape # 4 complete

With over 24 ribbon flowers, this cape took the longest of all. But won't it look fabulous with the longer pink tutu (that Pam made)!

Here is close up shot of a flower.  Here is quick tutorial on how to do:
For this size, use 10" length of wired ribbon. Remove wire from one side, and gather the other side using wire (don't let it slip out!).
Fold over 1/4" on end of ribbon/wire, then fold from top corner, triangle.
Take a needle and thread, and catch the folds you just made. Lay some flower stamens (I used 4) on the edge, and roll the ribbon over.  Stitch to catch and secure the stamens.  Continue rolling the ribbon around, making as tight or loose as you desire.  When at the end, fold over the end of the ribbon (triangle it down) and secure.

To add a leaf, take 5” length of wired ribbon.  Remove wire from one side.  Then pull the wire on the opposite side, gathering into a loop.  Twist wire to secure. Squeeze the circle in the middle, and then wrap the wire around, catching the cut ends of the ribbon in the wire wrap.  Sew this to the base of the flower.


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