Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Las Vegas Baby!

Here I go! My first blog ever!

Went to Vegas last week but not to gamble (even though I did a little!) Our daughter lives in Las Vegas; husband had meetings in Las Vegas so I went along to spend some quality time with Richelle. She had some sewing that she wanted me to do for her. She is a novice sewer (never wanted to really learn while living at home because "Mom can do it for me!")

She had started a skirt but still had the zipper to put in. After fixing some seam allowance problems, the skirt fit her perfect and onto the zipper. Richelle didn't want a normal zipper but one of those exposed zippers that is popular right now. After some adjustments, got the zipper in for a very cute skirt!

Next project - red linen blend dress. Turned out gorgeous! Very sophisticated and looks great on her.

I had already completed this purple
dress for her and just needed her to try on for the hem.

I did not get to one dress that she wants so brought it home to sew on. She still has one dress that she is going to make but she is going to take a sewing class at Joann's. They offer a class where you can take any project in and the instructor will teach and help you as you go. Good class for Richelle as she can do some sewing but just needs to have some help with technique.

I had a great time in Las Vegas (hot, hot,hot) and Richelle is now dressed to the nines for her new job!


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  1. You are such a GREAT seamstress, Pam!

    If Richelle picks up just SOME of your talent, she will be on her way sewing!