Saturday, March 2, 2013

Coming Soon (after I file taxes and create my portfollio)... YES2YRS REVITALIZE!
While I  KNOW it has been done before, but why not share what I love to do? I will begin to post my Thrift Store finds that REVITALIZE into refashioned costumes or  wearable apparel, with photos showing before, process, and after. READY, SET, GO!

Some of these items will find their way to the Etsy shop, others will be for my personal wardrobe.

The first project will be a vintage sequin dress that friend Amy gave me to re-fashion for her.

Update on SIS2rs...  while mom still continues to crochet pet hats and baby items, I have taken a bit of a hiatus.  I took time to design a clothing line, with business name of Yes2Year.  The focus is period inspired apparel for everyday wear. Both clothing and accessories inspired by the Renaissance, Victorian, Edwardian and Roaring 20s periods to wear as separates, or to combine for a period costume look.  Affordable and Convertible.
I sketched out 16 looks, purchased some material, and began sewing.  A work in progress....!  I got sidetracked with a music video production for Clay Walker:

I designed all the costumes for the girls- burlesque style, and outfitted all the cowboys.  Pam did the awesome grey spanish tulle outfit and Rojo's shoulder wrap.

And alas as I enjoyed researching the burlesque outfits so much,  I have taken a venture into Steampunk design!  And dragging Pam along with me!  We are currently designing full outfits which we will premier in the Etsy shop likely in April.  The costumes will be ordered to fit- sold as a complete outfit or as individual pieces.

So quick update!  This blog will now see some action!!  You go Girl(s)!

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