Sunday, August 10, 2014

MONTHLY update... should be WEEKLY!

sorry readers... MUST put myself on a schedule to regularly post!  How time flies!

In my world.. i have completed most of the Princess dresses, and have now moved on to complete some men's jackets in my inventory, as well as smaller items such as lace necklaces, fine-tune mom's lace cuffs, and some ren armbands.

Due to time and energy, decided NOT to do the Santa Fe Ren Fair next month.  Needed is a local partner!  LOVE having an online business, but setting up a booth is a major production that I currently do not have the energy to do.  Instead, I have decided on the Steampunk Spectacular to be held in Madrid September 27.  We'll do a mini-booth, network, and have some fun!

To do this week:

  • Complete princess wands and tiarras
  • Schedule a photo shoot of princess dresses 
  • pic of men's jackets
  • decide if build the pvc bar booth display- est cost of $50

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